DigAlert Express

DigAlert Express allows you to submit a location request (for a single address only) online without any software and/or training. However, requests made through DigAlert Express require a minimum of a two (2) working day notice.



DigAlert Express does not authorize an excavation to proceed. Excavators must first receive a return e-mail from Underground Service Alert of Southern California (USA/SC) with a ticket number and all utility operators must first have marked their on-site utility facilities or have responded to you that they have no conflicting utility facilities.

At a minimum, DigAlert Express excavation notices cannot begin prior to two (2) full working days, excluding weekends and holidays (NO EXCEPTIONS), following the initial online submission. DigAlert Express can ONLY be used for excavations at a single address only. If you have an excavation that must commence earlier than two (2) full working days, please contact USA/SC directly by telephone at 8-1-1.