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DigAlert offers several ways to save you time when the need arises to submit, update, request remarks, and/or cancel DigAlerts as well as getting information on pre-planning. With DigAlert Web Services we have your needs covered.

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DigAlert Express

DigAlert Express allows you to submit a location request (for a single address only) online without any software and/or training. However, requests made through DigAlert Express require a minimum of a two (2) working day notice.

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Newtin ETA

Newtin ETA displays all the active DigAlert tickets within 1000 feet of your current location.

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Web Update

Web Update allows you to update and request remarks through your web browser. No training or software is needed.

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Web Update Express (NEW)

Web Update Express shows you a list of your active tickets and allows you to update one or all with a single click just by entering the phone number listed on the ticket. You also can ask for remarks and update expired tickets from the list individually.

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WebTE is the full version and allows you to input, update, remark and correct all of your DigAlert tickets. To use this version you must meet all of the requirements listed below and attend a training class held at USA/SC Corona, CA. office.

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Web Design Info

If you would like access to our database in order to obtain utility contact information for design/pre-planning lookups online, please download the information here in PDF format, print it, and mail it back to us with a check for the correct amount.

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